Monthly Specials

We offer specials to our clients on a monthly basis. We invite you to stop by the shop or give us a call to learn more about our available specials.

April Chef Specials


We have perfect specials for our chefs to add to your spring menu!


Mixed Greens and Goat Cheese Ravioli

Greens and goat cheese mix, does it really get better than this! This is one of our most flavorful and popular ravioli. It is so creamy and delicious; we guarantee that your customers will be dreaming about them after they leave!


Spinach and Wild Mushroom Ravioli

This ravioli is perfect for all the mushroom & spinach lovers out there. The texture of these ravioli is creamy and the taste is divine!


Spinach & Asiago Ravioli

Spinach, Asiago and Ricotta are THE perfect blend for ravioli. With a creamy filling and some healthy greens, this ravioli is sure to satisfy your taste buds!


Tri Color Tortellini

Our famous cheese tortellini available in a three color dough, red, white and green! Perfect to make your dish colorful with springtime colors!


Cheese Manicotti

Have a manicotti recipe you are dying to offer customers? Try our Cheese Manicotti this time! The perfect blend of creamy ricotta cheese and fresh parsley will get your customers talking!


Ricotta Gnocchi

Love our gnocchi, but looking to put something a little lighter on the menu? These gnocchi are it! Our Ricotta Gnocchi are light and fluffy with a taste that no one can beat!


Lemon Pepper Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our Lemon Pepper Pasta, which is one of our best sellers! Customers love the citrus flavor with a hint of pepper throughout!


Tri Color Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our fresh tri color pasta. With the perfect color combination for spring, this is sure to brighten up any dish!


Garlic Basil Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our fresh garlic basil pasta. This pasta is seasoned perfectly and pairs well with any sauce or seafood!


Arugula Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our new favored pasta, Arugula. We bring in fresh Arugula, grind it down and mix with our pasta!