Monthly Specials

We offer specials to our clients on a monthly basis. We invite you to stop by the shop or give us a call to learn more about our available specials.

Summer Chef Specials

We have perfect specials for our chefs to add to your summer menu!

Lobster Ravioli (Pink Dough)

Severino famous Lobster Ravioli in paprika dough is one of our most flavorful raviolis offered. This pasta pairs perfectly with any cream sauce and seafood combination.

Lobster Ravioli (White Dough)

This ravioli is stuffed with scrumptious lobster and ricotta cheese. This pasta pairs perfectly with any cream sauce and seafood combination.

Crab and Corn Ravioli

Severino’s most popular summer time ravioli! The savory crabmeat and the sweet corn are the perfect duo!

Shrimp Ravioli (Black Dough)

Who doesn’t love buttery shrimp? Add a black squid ink dough and you not only have yourself beautiful ravioli, but a delicious dish!

Shrimp Ravioli (White Dough)

Our shrimp ravioli with white dough is delicious! The shrimp filling has a buttery taste that customers can’t resist!

Smoked Salmon Ravioli

Looking for a seafood option for your Summer menu? This ravioli is the perfect choice! With the blend of smoked salmon and ricotta cheese your customer’s taste buds will be going insane! This ravioli serves best with a creamy tomato sauce.

Maryland Crab Ravioli

The perfect blend of cheese, crab meat and butter that will leave your mouth watering!! Pairs perfectly with any red or spicy sauce!

Seafood Manicotti

Looking to change your plain cheese manicotti dish for summer? We have the perfect solution, add seafood to it! Our seafood manicotti is stuffed with crab, shrimp and spinach.

Fusilli Giganti

This pasta is one of our favorite short cuts, dry pasta! Described as an extra-large rotini, it is perfect for anything from pasta salad to pairing with meat sauce!

Arugula Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our new favored pasta, Arugula. We bring in fresh Arugula, grind it down and mix with our pasta!

Black Squid Ink Pasta

We have the perfect pasta to add to your menu! Black squid ink pasta looks beautiful in any cut and pair perfectly with any seafood!

Scialatelli Pasta

Also known as thick and short fettuccine, this pasta is delicious a pairs well with almost any sauce!