Our Pasta

This is the pasta we serve in our home, and it's that tradition we share with you, whether you're buying our products for your kitchen or for your customers.

Our tradition is Unsurpassed

For over 50 years, Severino has been the place to find authentic, artisanal hand made pasta in the tri-state region. Our company is one steeped in a rich tradition that started right at our kitchen table in Westmont, N.J.


Our Pasta is Your Pasta

Today, that core value of fresh, homemade pasta is what drives the Severino family. We create 100% Semolina flour pasta, which is unsurpassed in texture, color, and quality. It’s a recipe we developed 45 years ago, before home made and fresh was trendy. It sounds like such a simple thing: provide fresh, quality foods and ingredients. Which is why we’ve been doing just that for 40 years.
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