Weekly Specials

Looking for good food and a good deal? Check out our weekly specials.

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Wednesday & Thursday: 25/20

Dinner is as simple as $25 and 20 minutes. Stop by and pick up everything you need to put a quick, homemade meal on the table. Your dinner package will include a loaf of garlic bread, four pieces chicken parmesan, homemade baked ziti and Caesar salad. Twenty minutes in the oven, and dinner is ready to go, all for only $25.
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Friday: Dough on the Go

Everyone loves pizza on Fridays, and now your weekly tradition can take on a homemade twist. Swing by the shop and pick up everything you need to make your very own pie. Your dinner package will include one pizza ball, one container of pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, sliced pepperoni and Caesar salad, all for only $15. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy6pyB_uHzM
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Friday: Mac & Cheese Fridays

Nothing says Friday like comfort food. Stop by the shop and get everything that you’ll need for a quiet night with the family! Your dinner package will include: Mac & Cheese for 4 people, Tomato Breadsticks, and Caesar Salad for only $25!!
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Saturday & Sunday: Severino Sundays

Stop in on Saturday or Sunday to pick up everything you’ll need to start your own Sunday tradition. Your dinner package includes a loaf of Calandra bread, one pound of fresh cut spaghetti, six of our famous homemade meatballs, one quart of our homemade sauce and a green garden salad, all for only $25.
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Also make sure to check our cheese board for weekly specials, which rotate depending on what’s just come in.