Brand Ambassadors

Meet our Severino Regional Brand Ambassadors

EJ Lewis

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EJ joined the Severino team in 2014 and he’s our Global Brand Ambassador. He’s made his way into almost every Whole Foods Market across the country to help share the Severino Story. He loves spending time around people and showing off his softer side. EJ truly has a passion for cooking and entertaining, just ask anyone who’s been to one of his epic parties! If you ever need advice on what to make out of the random items in your refrigerator, EJ is your guy…in fact, he’ll probably come over and cook it for you.

Scarlet Markgraf – Midwest

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Scarlet has been part of the Severino family since June 2021 as Midwest Regional Brand Ambassador. Having graduated The Culinary Institute of America (NY) as a professionally trained pastry chef, she brings her love for working with bread and pasta with her each day. Scarlet loves to travel and try new experiences. During her free time, she likes to cook, try new restaurants and read menus.
Can you tell… Scarlet is all about the food!

Maddie McComb

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Maddie joined the Severino team in August of 2022 as a Regional Brand Ambassador. Growing up in Haddon Township, Severino Pasta has always been a staple in her family dinners, especially on Fridays. Every Friday her dad would go to the pasta shop on Haddon Avenue and pick up Manicotti for dinner. Fast forward to today, she loves helping to bring the Severino family traditions into homes across the country. One of her favorite things about working with Severino’s is the opportunity to be a small part of making someone’s day a little bit better and bringing people together over a perfect bite of pasta.

Katie Begley

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Katie joined the Severino team in September of 2022 as a Regional Brand Ambassador and Social Media Manager. Katie loves sharing the Severino story in Whole Foods and on social media. Katie’s favorite meal is Severino fresh cut cappellini pasta with olive oil and parmigiano reggiano… nothing wrong with keeping it simple!