Summer Stores, Summer Pasta

With summer on the horizon as Memorial Day fast approaches, the North Atlantic region has officially opened their two brand new stores! Each has a lot to offer and feature our Severino Brand in two brand new venue concepts! Within the Bedford, NH store we are pleased to announce that our very first self-serve venue has officially opened! The Westford, MA store also has an impressive Severino feature, boasting a twenty-option bulk dry pasta set. All wonderful and just in time, so that you can fill up on all your favorite Severino cuts.


Our self-serve is the first of it’s kind within this region, and offers twelve different varieties of our fresh pasta. You can mix and match all of your favorite ravioli, or try new fresh pasta that maybe you’ve had your eye on (but maybe weren’t ready to commit to a pound of.) We are also so excited to offer all our customers the option of twenty plus options with our dry fresh pasta. It’s definitely pasta salad season, and we have just the right kind to make yours stand out.


Check out our new venues, and tell us what you think! Also, be sure to check out some of our newest recipes and see which one is your favorite.

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