Meet our Regional Brand Ambassadors


Rebecca Sivak

Rebecca is an avid scuba diver, oyster sampler, and enthusiast of all things new. She only buys the cookbooks that come with photos. Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Hugh Acheson, or anyone who gets paid to travel and eat, Rebecca loves exploring the food scene in her southern cities. With a degree in Business Management from the University of Georgia and 8 years of culinary experience under her belt, she is actively spreading that Severino Pasta goodness across the Southeast.



Josh Moskowitz

Josh is an impromptu Pasta Chef, Beer Enthusiast and Amateur Skateboarder, exploring the country one Whole Foods Market at a time. Hailing from South Jersey, Josh graduated from Rowan University with Advertising and a Public Relations degree. He has a widespread background in branding for Art Galleries, the Food & Beverage industry and even the City of Philadelphia.

Look for Josh driving around PA, NJ, NY, CT & OH in the Severino FIAT 500x Pasta Mobile!



Chris Scharff

Chris is a hometown guy raised in Westmont, New Jersey, home of the famous Severino Pasta!  His traveling began when he went down to Tampa Bay to get his bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Saint Leo University. Now he’s living large in Colorado, bringing Severino’s products to exciting and fun new regions!  He enjoys time with family and friends in Ocean City New Jersey, playing all kinds of sports and loves to travel all over the country and represent Severino Pasta everywhere he goes!



EJ Lewis

EJ joined the Severino team in 2014. He loves spending time around people and showing off his softer side. EJ truly has a passion for cooking and entertaining, just ask anyone who’s been to one of his epic parties! If you ever need advice on what to make out of the random items in your refrigerator, EJ is your guy…in fact, he’ll probably come over and cook it for you.



Melanie Webster

Melanie is a southern Texan native that is spreading the Severino Pasta love in the North Atlantic. She came with a love of travel to study at Boston University; after four long winters, in the spring of 2013, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Marketing. A few of her favorite things include learning about anything new (food, languages, sports, etc), yoga, running, and cheering on her beloved teams (her Boston University Terrier Hockey team, and hometown Houston Texans).  You can always find her talking to anybody that will listen to her mile a minute banter, with a smile on her face.



Katie DeRosa

Earning her B.A. from Washington College, a liberal arts haven on the Eastern Shore, Katie has returned to the nation’s capital to share her passions for homemade food, a family first mentality, and uncompromising authenticity in all aspects of life as part of the Severino Pasta brand ambassador team. While crafting a new dish in the kitchen is an ideal afternoon, an entire day hiking outdoors is her game changer. Spot her big smile around the D.M.V and say hello, you never know where the conversation will go!