Celebrating the Holidays in New Jersey and Philly

When it comes to the holiday season in New Jersey, food is on everyone’s mind. Families gather at the dinner table to celebrate, and friends and colleagues exchange their favorite foods as gifts. I notice the influx of customers at our local Whole Foods Markets starting in early November, and it’s because this is the perfect place to find a variety of Severino products for your next dinner party or gift swap. Stop in to any of my local Whole Foods in Philly, NJ, or New York to get Severino’s variety of dried pasta. Or, come find me at the Devon, Plymouth Meeting, Millburn Union, Paramus, Cherry Hill, South Street, Glen Mills, and Princeton Whole Foods Markets to fully experience our fresh pasta venues. Our cases include all of your holiday favorites, from fresh cut papardelle to our butternut squash ravioli. If you want to go a little more classic, feel free to grab some of our fresh cut spaghetti or cheese ravioli. From the convenience of self-service to the beautiful glass case display, you’ll be sure to find the Severino pasta you’re looking for to complete your shopping list. And you will be serving your family and friends an all-natural, hand-crafted, authentic pasta dish this season that will always impress! So if you live in the Philly, New Jersey, or New York area, get out to your local Whole Foods and see if you can find me! I will help you create the perfect Severino Pasta dish for your special holiday party!