Monthly Specials

We offer specials to our clients on a monthly basis. We invite you to stop by the shop or give us a call to learn more about our available specials.

March Chef Specials

We have perfect specials for our chefs to add a little green this month!

Spinach Ravioli (Spinach Dough)

Thinking green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? This is the perfect pasta for you! Green on the inside and out! Made with fresh spinach and creamy ricotta, this ravioli is sure to make your dish stand out this month!

Spinach Ravioli (White Dough)

Want some green added to your favorite dish? Our Spinach Ravioli is the perfect mix of fresh spinach and creamy ricotta! A simple and popular ravioli that is a huge crowd pleaser!

Spinach and Asiago Ravioli

The Spinach and Asiago Ravioli are known for their wonderful texture and even better taste. The Asiago Cheese is a deliciously creamy addition to spinach ravioli! Pair these ravioli with a sauce of your choosing and we assure you the customers will be pleased!

Spinach Gnocchi

Make your dish green with our spinach gnocchi this month! Made with potato and spinach, this gnocchi is so delicious! The texture and taste are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Spinach and Asiago Sacchetti

Want the delicious mix or spinach and Asiago cheese, but need a small option? The Spinach and Asiago Sacchetti are the perfect choice! One of our most popular pasta shapes and flavors, this pasta will not let you down!

Spinach Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our famous fresh spinach pasta! The most popular cut is the fettuccine, pair it with Alfredo sauce, and this pasta will be a sell out!

Paglia e Fieno (Spinach and White) Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our spinach and egg pasta combo! It not only tastes amazing, the look is simply delightful! This is the perfect way to add color and flavor to a once boring dish.

Kale Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our new favored pasta, kale. We bring in fresh Tuscan kale, grind it down and mix with our pasta! This speckled green pasta is sure to be a hit this month!