Monthly Specials

We offer specials to our clients on a monthly basis. We invite you to stop by the shop or give us a call to learn more about our available specials.

Spring Chef Specials

We have perfect specials for our chefs to add to your spring menu!



Fire Roasted Tomato & Basil Ravioli

Try our fire roasted tomato ravioli for a sweet and smoky mixture that is quite the crowd pleaser! We add fresh basil for an aromatic flavor!


Artichoke & Reggiano Ravioli

One of newest ravioli that has a flavorful filling of ricotta cheese, artichokes, and Reggiano Parmigiano cheese!


Jalapeño & Monterey Jack Ravioli

Let’s spice things up this May by trying our Jalapeño Monterey and Colby-Jack Cheese Ravioli. This ravioli will be sure to give you a little spicy zest to your menu! If you deep try these ravioli, they will be sure to blow your customers mind! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo dishes!


Artichoke & Lemon Ravioli

Another one of our newest ravioli flavors! A delicious blend of Artichoke and Lemon with Ricotta Cheese.  The taste has a slight hint of citrus!


Sweet Pea Tortelloni

Looking to add a little bit of sweetness to a savory dish? This tortelloni is the way to go! Works great as a main dish or even a soup! One of our favorites is a Parmigiano Reggiano broth with the Sweet Pea Tortelloni; definitely a crowd pleaser!


Gluten Free 4-Cheese Ravioli

Add some gluten free options to the menu this spring! A wonderful blend of cheeses in a gluten free dough!


Mushroom Stuffed Gnocchi

Potato pasta pillows stuffed with mushrooms, does it get better than that!?  Serves great with cream sauces or a truffle sauce!


Tri Color Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our fresh tri color pasta. With the perfect color combination for spring, this is sure to brighten up any dish!


Arugula Pasta

Choose your favorite cut of our new favored pasta, Arugula. We bring in fresh Arugula, grind it down and mix with our pasta!