Hand cut, pre-packaged, or pre-made, Severino has exactly what you need to fill your table, from our kitchen to yours.

Pasta Shop Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am-6pm

Saturday: 9:30am-5pm

Sunday: 10am-2pm

Monday: CLOSED

Make a Meal for Two or 200

At our store, we have everything to gourmet the rest of your kitchen, including over 30 types of artisan olives, 150 cheeses hand cut by us in store, breads, nuts, coffees and desserts to create the perfect meal whether you’re entertaining someone special or throwing a big, blow out bash.


Something For Every Meal

From prepared foods, gourmet cheeses, and pasta of all shapes and sizes, Severino is sure to make or complete your family’s meal. Stop in and let us help you select artisanal, fresh products.

FYI Philly Segment!

Our family was so excited to welcome 6abc to our store for their FYI Philly segment! Love teaching everyone about our tradition and our story!! Check it out below!

6abc FYI Philly